Repelling and Treating Insect Bites
Our spring was excessively wet; ripe for the breeding of lots and lots of insects.  These insects are now out and about and hungry!  To a ravenous insect, we humans must seem like a veritable smorgasbord.

There are some things you can do to minimize your appeal to these insects thereby lessening your chances of bites and stings.  You can deter insects from biting and stinging by wearing long pants and a long sleeved shirt, as well as gloves whenever you are outside and working in the garden.

Certain essential oils are beneficial in repelling both flying and crawling insects.  The blended oil Away is great for applying to both the skin as well as diffusing on the clothing.  Dilute with either distilled water or Miracle II Neutralizer and use a violet glass spray bottle to mist on.  Experiment with the dilution.  A good starting spot would be about 15 drops of essential oil per ounce of water.  Be sure to avoid contact with the eyes when spraying around the face.

One of the essential oils in Away is catnip oil.  Catnip oil is reported to be 10 times more powerful than deet.  Most commercial insect repellants contain massive amounts of chemicals.  By using essential oils, diluted with neutralizer or distilled water, you are also eliminating all of these other chemicals which are detrimental to the body.

Other essential oils which are beneficial at keeping insects at bay would include: peppermint, citronella, tea tree, cedarwood, eucalyptus and thyme.  Spraying these oils in areas where insects are known to inhabit and by diffusing them on your clothing goes a long way in preventing unwanted bites and stings.

If and when you do get an insect bite or sting, there are some things you can do to minimize the adverse reactions.  When you are on the receiving end of an insect attack, one of the first indications is the initial swollen, itchy, and often red and hot, injection sight.  The best oil for application directly onto this site is Purify.  It helps neutralize the venom and reduces the itching and swelling.  A drop or two on a cotton ball, taped right over the site, is an excellent idea.  Add additional Purify to the cotton ball as needed.

Venom is spread outward from the injection site via the lymphatic tissue, so oils that support the lymphatic system and circulation are beneficial at this time.  LeLifeForce and LeEndoRelief would be excellent choices.  Using Redmond clay to make a poultice to apply directly onto the site often helps draw out a great deal of the toxicity.  This helps to reduce the inflamation and irritation quicker.  Using BHM Plus Salve would also be an excellent choice for a carrier, especially if you suspected that a stinger or other foreign object may be still embedded in the site.  Depending upon the type of bite or sting, you will encounter various symptoms.  Treat the symptoms as soon as they appear.  Waiting, for even a little while, could exacerbate the healing process.  

Other essential oils that may be of benefit when recovering from an insect bite include:
LeMelaPlus - excellent topical antibacterial oil - can be applied, with Miracle Salve or BHM Plus Salve, to prevent infection

Peppermint - helps to decrease the itching, as well as adds a cooling effect to the effected area

Lavender - helps to sooth the skin and begin the healing process, as well as calm the affected person

Helichrysum - an excellent oil to reduce swelling and prevent scarring from occurring

Basil - an analgesic and antiseptic when topically applied to the effected area

LePatches - a wonderful blend which promotes healing (on all layers)

Providing your body with a great deal of good water to support the kidneys as they clear the venom is vital.  Keeping your elimination pathways clear and working well will help to minimize the toxic effects on your body.  Be sure that your body has plenty of high quality Vitamin C and zinc during the healing process.  Both of these nutrients are necessary for new skin growth.

***If, at any time, you feel like you are not gaining ground, you should consult your physician.